Roman Centurion vs. Rajput Warrior is the 6th episode of the 2nd season of the TV Show Deadliest Warrior. It pitted the Roman Centurion against the India's Rajput Warrior. In the end, the Rajput was victorious.


Roman Centurion Team: Terence Rotolo and Matt Lasky

Rajput Warrior Team: Gugun Deep Singh, Bhajneet Singh, and Sukhwinder Singh

Roman Centurion Rajput Warrior Edge
Gladius Khanda Khanda
Pilum Aara Pilum
Scorpion Chakram Chakram
Dolabra Katar Dolabra


Overall Winner: Rajput Warrior

Roman Centurion Kills Rajput Warrior Kills
Scorpion 4 Chakram 53
Pilum 44 Aara 0
Gladius 223 Khanda 328
Dolabra 114 Katar 234
Total 385 Total 615


The battle starts with a Rajput Warrior walking through a forest, investigating a clicking noise being made in the distance. As it turns out, the clicking noise is coming from the Roman Centurion cranking the lever on his Scorpion Crossbow. As the Rajput Warrior gets closer and closer, the Roman Centurion loads a bolt into the Scorpion. The Rajput pokes his head from behind a tree and spots the Centurion. The Centurion fires his Scorpion, but the bolt misses the Rajput completely and hits a tree. He then pulls out his Pilum and charges at the Rajput, causing him to flee. The Centurion makes his way to a more open area, only to be met with one of the Rajput's Chakram discs. The Centurion blocks the Chakram with his shield, and then throws his Pilum. The Rajput, however, pulls out his Khanda sword and slices the Javelin in two. The two warriors glare at each other, waiting for the other to make his move. The Rajput pulls out his Aara sword and whips it around. The Roman Centurion then takes his Dolabra and charges at the Rajput. The Rajput jumps back and tries to strike with his Aara, but the Centurion blocks with his shield. The Centurion lunges at the Rajput and swings his Dolabra, but the Rajput jumps out of the way. He then swings his Aara and coils it around the Centurion's leg. The Centurion completely falls over, but is able to save himself from the Rajput by kicking a log at the Rajput and tripping him. The Centurion gets up with his Dolabra at hand and sees that the Rajput has also gotten up and pulled out his Khanda sword again. The Centurion swings at the Rajput, who moves back to avoid it. However, in doing so, he backs up and falls onto a giant log. The Centurion tries to take advantage and swing at the Rajput, but the Rajput rolls out of the way and causes the Dolabra to get stuck in the log. The Rajput then swings his sword and cuts the head of the Dolabra off from the handle. He prepares to swing at the Centurion, but the loss of the Dolabra's head allows the Centurion to swing the broken handle fast enough to hit the Rajput and knock him over. The Centurion pulls out his Gladius and begins swinging wildly at the Rajput, eventually knocking the Khanda out of his hands. He slashes the Rajput's face and forces him to the ground. He raises his sword and prepares to finish him off, but the Rajput puts on his Katar and stabs the Centurion in the stomach. The Centurion falls in pain, then looks up. The Rajput proceeds to drive his Khanda into the Centurion's face and killing him. The Rajput then pumps his fists in the air and yells in victory.