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1. Green Berets

Range Weapons
Close Beretta Pistol
Short Mossberg Shotgun
Mid M4A1 Carbine
Long M24 Sniper Rifle
Explosive M67 Grenade
Special E-Tool

2. Spetsnaz

Range Weapon
Close Makarov Pistol
Short Saiga Shotgun
Mid AK74 Carbine
Long Dragunov Sniper Rifle
Explosive RGD-5 Grenade
Special Ballistic Knife

3. Irish Republican Army

Range Weapon
Close Webley Revolver
Short LPO-50 Flamethrower
Mid AR-15 ArmaLite
Long H&K G3 Sniper Rifle
Exlposive Nail Bomb
Special Slingshot

4. Nazi Whaffen SS

Range Weapon
Close Mauser C96 Pistol
Short Flammenwerfer 14
Mid MP18 Submachine Gun
Long Karabiner 98k
Explosive Bouncing Betty
Specieal K98 Bayonet

5. Navy SEAL

Range Weapon
Close SIG Sauer P226
Short Benelli M4
Mid M4 Colt Commando
Long SR-25 Sniper Rifle
Explosive C-4
Special Recon 1 Knife

6. Israeli Commando

Range Weapon
Close Glock 19
Short Armsel Striker Shotgun
Mid Micro Galil
Long Ruger 10/12 Sniper Rifle
Explosive Semtex
Special KA-BAR Knife

Fight Edit

Berets: XXXXX

Spetsnaz: OOOOO


Whaffen SS: RRRRR


Commandos: CCCCC

The Match starts out at an abandoned Military Base, where a helicopter sets down on the helipod and the Israel Commandos jump out of it and walk down from the helipad.They enter the bulding under neath and circle the table and set out a map. Meanwhile, the IRA pulls up in a black van and runs into the office buildings and started to build nail bombs.