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Range CIA Somali Pirate Edge
Short Garrote






Long MAC-10 PKM Machine Gun Somali





Overall Winner: CIA

CIA Kills Somali Pirate Kills
Garrote 3 Gr. Hook 14



246 AK-47 267
MAC-10 113 PKM Machine Gun 134
Expl. Cigar 166 RPG-7 57
Total 528 Total 472


RedRedRedRedRed CIA BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue Somali Pirates

The battle begins with the Somali Pirates entering what looks like a market place, they walk up to a booth where an undercover CIA agent 1 is selling cigars. The strikes a deal and hand a cigar to each of the pirates. He thanks them for the business, the booth and walks away handing the money to a nearby CIA agent 2. Meanwhile one of the pirates lights his cigar, only to have explode in his face. O. Furious the pirates spot Agent. 1 and chase after the him. They pass the doorway where agent 2 is looking out. He steps out and grabs the pirate in the rear. Pulling him back to the door and finally strangling him to death with the Garrote. O. He drobs him to the floor and runs back out. Following the remaining pirates. The pirate stops his crew and takes out an RPG and fires it at Agent. 1, sending him flying. X. He lands at the feet of Agent 3,4, and 5. Who stands up and takes out Mac 10 and open fires. The pirates return fire and kills Agent 3 with AK-47, and Agent 5 with PKM Machine Gun. XX. Agent 4 grabs his breifcase and runs into a nearby ally. The pirate sees him and he and his crew follows him. The pirates enter the ally to find it empty they progress as Agent 4 steps out of the shadows and kills one of them with his briefcase gun, O. He quickly turns and kills another one with the Mac 10, O. His killing spree ends as the pirate captain shots him with the AK47, X. He thrust his gun up in victory. Takes out his cigar and lights it. He remembers it an explosive but he is to late and it explodes in his face, O. Agent 2 walks into the alley just in time to see him collapse to the floor. He walks to him, kneels down, and searches him. He fin a small computer chip in his pocket. Stand up and flips it like a coin and catches it. He then smirks, chuckles, turns, and walks away.

Deadliest Warrior: Competition