Range Alexander the Great William Wallace Edge
Short Kopis Claymore Wallace
Mid Sarissa Lucerne Hammer Alexander
Long Gastraphetes Ball & Chain Alexander
Special Ballista Targe & Dirk Wallace


Overall Winner: Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

Kills William Wallace Kills
Kopis Claymore
Sarissa/ Xyston Lucerne Hammer
Gastraphetes Ball & Chain
Ballista Targe & Dirk
Total 475 Total 525


Alexander and his Macedonian army walked through the scottish forest. A week earlier, England, like Egypt, abdicated the power voluntarily to the most powerful conqueror on earth. On his very first day of power, the macedonian king, who was treated as a hero, received news from his new people that there was a wild scotsman who massacred them in the past few years. Not intimidated by the news of the seven-foot tall rebel, Alexander decided to press right through his very territory.

On the other hand, when Wallace found out that the demigod warrior is coming for him, he decided to make war with him, making the decision to ambush the greek man.

"They may take our lives, but they'll never take OUR FREEDOM!"

Alexander-5                                                                                                                                  Wallace-5

While walking through the forest, Alexander heard a war cry from a thousand mouths. In the forest, deadly silence ensued. Then, William and his four companions burst from the undergrowth, with woads on, with Wallace shouting "Alba gu brah!!!", throwing his ball and chain dead center at the exposed face of a Macedonian.

Alexander immediately took a xyston, and rode Bucephalus through the crowd, scattering the Scots. Unfortunately for one of the rebels, the horse trampled on his ribs as his rider drove the 13 foot lance into the throat of the highlander.

Alexander-4                                                                                                                                  Wallace-4

Alexander at once dismounted off of Bucephalus, and immediately unsheathed his Kopis and got into a swordfight with a Scot, who tried to behead the greek conqueror. However, Alexander decapitated the Scot first. On the other side, another highlander pulled out his Lucerne hammer, smashing the hammer on the helmet of a Macedonian, stunning him. The Scotsman seized the opportunity to drive the spear head of the weapon into his adversary's neck.

Alexander-3                                                                                                                                  Wallace-3

A Macedonian immediately took a sarissa and went for the jugular. The Scot just swung the back pick of his hammer full force on the business end of the weapon, destroying the shaft of the spear. Unfazed, the Greek soldier simply flipped his pike and drove the secondary spearhead toward the chainmail covered chest. The highlander vomited blood before succumbing.

His companion, however was in trouble. As he charged toward his enemy, the Scot threw his dirk right through the throat of the greek.

Alexander-2                                                                                                                                  Wallace-2

Alexander managed to dodge a ball and chain hurtling toward him. He at once turned toward his enemy, who brought out his targe, but the moment he turned, Alexander run for cover. As the scot pursued him across a muddy river, Alexander pulled out a strange jewel encrusted stock with a bronze and gold bow attached to it. The weapon glinted from the very little sunlight that filtered through the thick trees. Then, with a flip of the trigger, the Scot screamed his last as an iron bolt flew toward his mouth, deadly and silent.

Alexander then readied another shot, but as he turned, he saw his last man grunt as a small buckler drove its spike into his neck. At once, Wallace pulled his Targe out of the dead man and glared at his opponent as he placed another arrow in his gastraphetes.

Alexander-1                                                                                                                                  Wallace-1

As Wallace charged angrily for the greek, the gastraphetes fired, punching through the shoulder of the ferocious warlord. He angrily pulled out the arrow and resumed to charge for his retreating opponent, who already mounted on his horse.

At once, they reached the end of the forest and to a small hill. A castle stood on it. Wallace grinned as his enemy is certainly going to face death and that his lair is now exposed to the scot's mind. No longer is the fortress's location unknown, it shall be vulnerable to attack. But Wallace had to obliterate Alexander first...

Alexander now stood confidently atop the hill, against the sun. Wallace cannot see where Alexander exactly, although he knew he reached the top of the hill. Alexander smiled and reached out for a metal switch...




Wallace screamed as he was thrown down to the ground. He forcefully pulled himself out of the ground, screaming as he realized his arm was still pinned to the ground, separated from his body.

Wallace raised his claymore in one last attempt to fight his opponent. Alexander just scoffed as he got on Bucephalus and rushed out without a kopis, but rather, a fist.

Wallace then blinked the stars out of his eyes. He had a cloudy memory of being pulled by horses and being hanged to an excruciating pain. But he sensed that he was now in huge trouble, as he was restrained on a rock table, surrounded by the english and the strange men he battled against.

Alexander then cleared his neck, and, although he only learned English a week ago when reached England, he spoke in a strong accent in a tone of high authority.

"William Wallace, you have been a traitor to your own country. Should you beg for mercy and swear allegiance to Greece and bow down to all of us, I, Alexander, son of the great Zeus-Ammon, shall be merciful."

And he turned to the crowd, who shouted for death. Wallace took no notice of his weapons on the floor, rather staring at the rest of his army, who were rounded up and captured. They screamed at him not to think of them but rather to beg for mercy for his life.

Wallace then gasped for air as he tried to speak for one last time...

Alexander then shouted out: "The prisoner wishes to say a word!"

And William's rebel army cried for mercy.

But the legendary outlaw managed to choke out one last word.


Alexander then scoffed as he said "Foolish choice, imbecile, but if it's your choice-" he nodded at the English executioner ",- then it's your choice, you savage fool". The crowd screamed out in joy as the scots put their heads down in grief. But the 7-foot giant saw a vision moments before the halberd came down on his head. He saw his beautiful wife, smiling at him. The scottish hero smiled back, which the crowd thought was weird, thinking Wallace is going insane.

But Wallace didn't care, for he knew that he made his word clear, that the remaining scots shall be inspired to fight for freedom, and that he will finally be reunited with Murron...

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